Penny Fuller - Partner

Born in Canberra in 1973, Penny studied architecture at the University of Canberra with a stint in Paris at Ecole d’architecture de Paris-Val-de-Marne. (more…)

Jad Silvester - Partner

Born in Sydney, Australia in 1976, Jad studied at both the University of Tasmania and the University of Technology Sydney. Jad commenced practice in Renzo Piano’s Sydney studio working on the Lend Lease developed Aurora Place project and following this joined the Italy studio where he worked in the design team on two museum projects in USA. (more…)

Helen Stumbaum - Associate

About Helen coming soon.



Kristian Kaufmehl - Associate

About Kristian coming soon.



Bruce Feng

About Bruce coming soon.



Marek Sinagl

About Marek coming soon.



Anh Nguyen

About Anh coming soon.



Lachlan Cuthbert

About Lachlan coming soon.



Rosamond Kember

About Rosamond coming soon.