The Drift Bondi

The Drift Bondi completes the regeneration of Gould Street, whilst acting as a catalyst for the future activation of Gould Lane. The proposed design replaces the existing single-storey, single-frontage, single-use, brick building with a mixed-use building comprising fine-grain retail spaces at its base, topped with well-planned, environmentally responsive apartments above. The apartments are compact and affordable, providing an alternative housing type for this highly prized beachside location.


 SF_052_Bondi-Apartments_002 The building provides a positive contribution to the urban context at ground level. Each retail window is inset to allow informal sitting and gathering in this popular sunny meeting spot.
 SF_052_Bondi-Apartments_003 The exterior facade design intends to express the building as a clustering of individuals and the spaces they occupy. The design aims to strike a balance between the identification of the relatively small individual spaces and the coherence of the building as a whole – a unified community. The external skin of the building intends to express this balance whilst responding very specifically to a set of environmental parameters which mediate the size, shape and orientation of openings and their specific performance.



 SF_052_Bondi-Apartments_004 The opening size responds to the corresponding size of the room behind and orientate to catch the sun whilst provide privacy from the highly activated Hall Street. Each home is given a built in balcony planter which orientates past the building line to catch the rain and sun.
 SF_052_Bondi-Apartments_005  The building is future-proofed to allow for additional density on the site when planning guidelines allow. Capping the building is the allowance two individual rooftop homes. These free-standing objects rest within a visual shadow envelope to ensure minimal visual impact whilst supporting the increased activation of building rooftops in Bondi and across Sydney.


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